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About Us

Our Mission

We believe local businesses are the fabric of our economy and our communities. At Mobile Attentive, our goal is to get local businesses in the game with mobile solutions that level the playing field against Goliath mega-brands and provides a competitive advantage in the local marketplace so that they can compete against their local competition and global brands.

Mobile Attentive is itself a small digital marketing business helping other small and local businesses address the challenges faced in a new climate of the online marketing businesses relied on today. Our focus is on our clients and their customers to better connect the triad of your business, this new climate of mobile marketing and your smartphone. We build mobile solutions designed to help SMBs like yours grow. Our mobile solutions and your understanding of the value of your loyal customers will save you time, better your margins and improve communications by getting you found online easier. Mobile Attentive simplifies your business with a custom mobile app that reduces the unnecessary clicks that waste your time and makes you faster and better and thereby improve your margins.

Mobile Attentive has a deep-rooted passion to help SMBs not only in our immediate surrounding Hayward, CA area but beyond because new marketing methods make the other side of the world accessible. At Mobile Attentive, we know that our mobile solutions have the power to change your business forever.

We also understand to get results, you’ll have to embrace the new user experience and take action. Success is based on the “effective implementation” of your marketing solutions that will drive a business forward. Mobile Attentive is here to tell you, we’re with you every step of the way towards a shift that will change your business forever. That is our pledge to your business.

We help our clients become ‘Mobile Attentive’.